Make Money in Your Sleep w/ 50% Interest Venture Capital Loans

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Make Money in Your Sleep w/ 50% Interest Venture Capital Loans

Do you want to really Make Money in Your Sleep ?  I’m serious on this one – No Selling – No Sponsoring. Of course it takes money to make money – I’m sure heard of that phrase before so this shouldn’t be new but I’m telling you the rewards of lending money over weigh the risks. What I’m about to tell you is a once in a lifetime opportunity to turn a couple hundred dollars into thousands more.  I’m not allowed to tell you what the company name is nor post any ads, logo and so forth but here is a link to them . But before you click on any links continue reading a little bit more about this company and about this opportunity that I am about to describe.

Make Money in Your Sleep

with 50% Interest Venture Capital Loans

make money in your sleep

About the Opportunity

Like I said this opportunity is not an investment like stocks, bonds, cd’s, money market accounts, saving accounts, IRA’s and 401k’s. This is a venture capital loan which means you are the Lender lending to a U.S. Corporation which operates internationally.  Since they operate internationally almost anyone in the world can invest in this company.

The loans that you make to this company will earn 50% interest guaranteed 100%. The minimum amount you can loan is  $600 US dollars  and the maximum amount  is $60,000 US Dollars loan.

You will sign a loan contract ( just like any other loan) stating that you are the lender and the company which I can’t name in this post will be the borrower.  There is even a clause in the loan that states in the event of default all monies are to be made payable immediately.

After 6 months you can withdraw your money out anytime but with the interest it’s earning why would you want to.

The loans mature after 5 yrs at which point the company gives an bonus at the end of the 5th year so it in your best interest to keep the money in there for the full 5 years

After you loan the money you sit back and as the title of this post suggests Make Money in Your Sleep. I get a daily email for each of the loans I have funded stating how much interest I am making a day. I currently have $6,000 invested and I am making $8.22 / day in interest alone which adds up to $ 3,000 in interest in my first year in my sleep !

The company accepts payments using various methods like Cashier’s Check, Wells Fargo Checking Account, Payza, SolidTrustPay, Western Union and more.  I prefer Cashier’s check because my bank only charged me $8 to make a Cashier’s check while some of the other options like Payza may run you $75 for a $3,000 loan.

Depending on How Much You Loan You could make (see chart below):

make money in your sleep, high interest return

 OK So Let’s Review the Opportunity

Type of Opportunity: Venture Capital Loan

How Do you Make Money:  50% Interest received from amount loaned ( see chart above)

Loan Amount: minimum $600 US Dollars – maximum $60,000 US Dollars ( you could make various loans of the same amount but $60,000 is the most for any one loan)

Loan Maturity: Loans fully mature after 5 years with a Bonus Interest but you can withdraw your money anytime after 6 months

Payment Methods Accepted to Fund:  

  • Direct Deposit (Wells Fargo Bank only – No Fee)
  • Domestic Wire ($15 incoming wire fee)
  • International Wire ($16 incoming wire fee)
  • Cashier’s Check (No Fee)
  • Western Union ($20 pickup fee)
  • Solid Trust Pay (Fees apply – varies)
  • Payza ( Fees Apply – varies)
  • eWallet



* You are not required to sponsor anyone in order to make 50% interest on your return but if you do decide to spread the word and sponsor other folks and tell them about the opportunity you will get 5% off of their loans and 2% of their referrals loans down to 7 levels depending on what level you are in. See complete details here

About the Company (which I can’t name in this post)

It is a two year old company with exclusive and non-exclusive agreements with MEGA-MILLION Dollar Companies all exceeding a 5 year track record for success. It is the 1st working model of it’s kind. They can take any new product or service and implement it in the True Cash Coded Bonus System and create Instant Success. Currently they do not offer a product or a service which cost more than $20 monthly.

The company implemented business strategies found at Walmart, Groupon and Living Social. All 3 mentioned have one thing in common which is they have more customers than the top 10 networking companies put together. Another thing the 3 of them have in common is Best Value for the Best Price. Why duplicate a networking company when you can duplicate the business practices of Walmart add the benefits of  Living Social and at the same time award it’s sales teams the highest % per profit dollar paid in the whole industry.

Currently there are 3 Active Programs:

1) This program which I call the 50% No Brainer Venture Capital Loan

2) They also sell a Network Marketing Magazine subscriptions

3) They also sell an all natural pain reliever

By October 10, 2013 they will also sell a Male Enhacer, an energy gum product, 11 medical smart care benefits and Fantasy Golf Tour product.

On this particular opportunity you are paid merely on interest earned from your money loaned which the money comes from the company’s profits so this company is willing to share its profits with you the Lender. This opportunity is often called a Revenue share or revenue sharing program and if you are reading this then consider yourself lucky. 

Click here if you agree with this statement

I Want to Make Money in My Sleep ! 

make money while sleeping


1) Click here to Join this Group now ! 

2) After you’ve created a free membership – log into your back office and go to Marketing Options then choose Diamond Club

3) The page you land on will explain exactly what I have told you in this post and you can click on Join the Diamond Club

4) You will receive instructions on how to fund your loan here.

If anyone reading this has any questions regarding this opportunity or want to share you Make Money in Your Sleep idea then Please share them below in the comments


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